Open Learning Initiative (OLI)

Designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, OLI uses data and research insights to develop, test and improve OER course materials.

  • Evidence-based Learning: The foundation for OLI courseware design

  • Preconfigured: Simply reorder & change due dates
    and send course information to students.

  • Reports and Analytics: Visibility into each student’s interaction.

  • Learn by Doing: Interactive activities to provide students with
    immediate, contextualized feedback

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“Like Lumen’s own courseware, OLI courses are designed around proven principles for what helps students learn effectively.”

Kim Thanos, CEO Lumen Learning

“This partnership helps OLI, Lumen, and educational institutions remove barriers to effective adoption of our course materials and accelerate educators’ ability to innovate with courseware grounded in learning science research.”

Norman BIer, Executive Director of the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University