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Lumen Learning and OpenStax work together to support the full potential of open education. Lumen course materials are engineered to strengthen learning. They help you provide an open and enriched educational experience with curated video, editable text and other open educational resources delivered in your LMS.

An OpenStax Ally is a partner of OpenStax in the mission to reduce costs and improve student access to the world’s best educational resources. Click to learn more.
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Key Features of Lumen Course Materials

  • A simple-to-adopt, customizable course is your starting point

  • Customizable materials you can revise, re-order, remix

  • Video, assessments, quiz banks and other materials aligned with OpenStax text

  • Online homework system and problem sets for quantitative courses

  • Seamless implementation through any major LMS

  • Awesome, responsive faculty and technical support for OER adoption

  • Low-cost support fee includes everything: technology, tech support, ability to customize, etc.

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Interested in Other Course Subjects? Lumen has many more.

Lumen offers complete, customizable OER courses in 50+ high-enrollment college subjects. In addition to these great OpenStax titles, we have many more subjects to choose from. You can:

Lumen’s Open and Enriched Course Materials

Lumen course materials provide an enriched educational experience using OpenStax textbooks implemented in your institution’s learning management system (LMS). We pre-design courses using curated video, textbooks and other open educational resources. Instructors use our editable platform to re-order, revise, remix and make the course content their own.

Lumen courses incorporate a variety of supplemental materials such as assessments, assignments, study guides, online homework problem sets for quantitative courses, slide decks and other curated contributions from faculty members across the open education community.

We support institutional leaders and faculty members creating open education programs that improve student success and incorporate best practices from institutions across the U.S.

How We Help

Our clients routinely replace $150-$200 textbooks with a $5 course materials fee – or even zero direct cost to students.

With 100% free access to all course materials from the first day of class, students find education more accessible, affordable and attainable.

Lumen-supported courses typically yield higher pass rates compared to courses using commercial materials.

Our collaborative process helps instructors effectively use, teach and innovate with OER to achieve defined student learning outcomes.

We provide affordable, ongoing course and faculty support to sustain the quality of student learning over time.