OER in Mississippi Public Colleges & Universities

The following resources are collected as a part of the OER workshops for Mississippi public college and university participants held January 2016 in Oxford and Jackson, MS.

Workshop participants should bring:

  1. Student learning outcomes for at least one course.
  2. A laptop. You can get by with a tablet, but you will be happier if you bring a laptop. Tablet access to materials is possible but not practical.
  3. Your best work. Many faculty members have augmented or moved away from only using traditional textbooks. You will likely want to incorporate your own assessments, study guides, presentation materials, writing and other materials into OER courses. Make sure you have access to your own materials so you can include them in your material review.

Materials here are available for all participants. Please keep in mind that edits made to any document are visible to all participants.

If you have questions or trouble accessing any resources, please contact us at support@lumenlearning.com.

Faculty Work Groups

Group 1

Leach, Nicole Psychology EPY 3543: Psychology of Adolescence  MSU
Williams, Amanda Family Studies FAM 352: Families and Adolescents USM
Kimberly, Claire Child and Family Services FAM 453: Families in Later Life USM
Miller, Mark Geography & Geology GHY 101: World Regional Geography USM
Vera, Michael Physics Physics 201 and 202 USM
Whitwam, Ross Biology BSB 141: Human A&P I BSB 142: Human A&P II MUW

Group 2

Amidon, Joel Education EDCI 352: Education, Society, and the K-12 Learner UM
Monroe, Ann Education EDCI 353: Planning and Teaching Strategies for Effective Classroom Practice UM
Ortwein, Mark Education EDCI 352 and EDCI 353 UM
Allen, Heather Modern Lang Span 322: Spanish American Culture and Civilization UM
Marting, Diane Modern Lang Span 322: Spanish American Culture and Civilization UM

Group 3

Meyers, Maureen Socio/Anth Anthropology 101 UM
White, Brooke Art- Imaging Arts Art 381: Beginning Photography Art 481: Advanced Black and White Photography Art 383: Digital Photography Art 483: Advanced Digital Photography UM
Malloy-Justice, Rhona Theatre THEA 321: Theatre History I UM
Ward, Joe History HIS 102: Introduction to European History since 1648 UM
Grayzel, Sue History History 102: Europe and the World since 1648 UM

Group 4

Watkins, Marc DWR WRIT 100/101/102 LIBA 102 UM
Johnson, Rachel DWR Writing 250: Advanced Composition UM
Pardo, Amy English EN 101: English Composition I MUW
Spell, Donna English ENG 099: Basic Writing Skills Delta State
Stratyner, Leslie English Survey of Early English Literature MUW
Solinger, Jason English English 225: Survey of British Literature into the 18th Century UM



Group 5

Yarber, John Econ ECO 2113: Macroeconomics NEMCC
Blansett, LaShay Speech SPT 1113 Public Speaking NEMCC
Treloar, Justin Speech SPT 1113 Public Speaking NEMCC
Stone, Bill Speech SPT 1113 Public Speaking NEMCC
Sasser, Paige English ENG 1113: English Composition NEMCC
Brittany Moore English ENG 1113: English Composition NEMCC



Video Resources

Why open education matters:


The video below summarizes the findings of the JISC OER Impact project, which analyzed the link between the value of OER use and its impact on teaching and learning. There is a full research report (Liz Masterman and Joanna Wild, LTG) and a shorter “accessible” report (Dave White and Marion Manton, TALL) available for download here.