To help institutions, faculty members and project teams kick off effective OER initiatives, Lumen delivers workshops that create excitement about how OER can strengthen teaching and learning, as well as training and professional development to help educators create well-designed courses using OER.

Lumen will recommend an approach with the right combination of courseware, planning, training and support to yield desired results.

Open Courseware Planning and Implementation

Designed to support Institution’s successful adoption of open educational resources (OER), Lumen will consult to provide guidance on initiating, expanding and sustaining the Institution’s adoption and ongoing use of OER and OER-based courseware in order to:

  • Support faculty to achieve improved student success in OER courses.

  • Contain costs for the Institution and its students while enabling its students to have full access to educational resources that support learning.

  • Enable courseware, student learning and faculty pedagogy to evolve based on student success outcomes.

  • Ease adoption and use by integrating OER materials with the institution’s learning management system (LMS) for single sign-on by students and faculty members.

  • Prepare Institution to support faculty and student adoption of OER, and effectively interface with the Lumen team.

Open Courseware Workshop

As a key element in the implementation, Lumen will collaborate with Institution to plan and hold a live, on-site workshop designed to enable participating faculty, instructional designers, librarians, support staff and administrators to be fully equipped to participate in the adoption of quality OER at scale for the benefit of the Institution’s students, faculty, goals and mission.

For the workshop, Lumen will:

  • Plan and lead programming that supports faculty members to discover, evaluate, select and map OER to student learning outcomes

  • Support faculty to develop a broad understanding of OER and proficiency in using openly licensed materials

  • Guide faculty members in customizing and augmenting OER to support achievement of learning outcomes

  • Prepare instructional designers and faculty support staff to work within effective OER-based course design

  • Complete and test LTI integration with Institution’s learning management system


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