Waymaker English Composition I

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This course develops students’ critical reading, writing, and research skills at the college level, with course design structured around essential parts of the academic writing process. Key topics include reading strategies; rhetorical modes, multiple stages of the writing process; how to conduct research and cite relevant sources; grammar and mechanics; and success strategies. Engaging, curated OER content includes text, video, interactive self-check activities, and more. Content works well for standard instruction or diagnostically to reinforce areas that need attention. This course may be used alone or as part of a three-level sequence that prepares students for college-level work.

Waymaker courses help students develop metacognitive muscles with personalized study plans, automated feedback, and interactive activities designed to encourage practice and self-directed learning. Simple-to-use faculty messaging tools save time helping instructors identify and reach struggling students.

Video: Course Walkthrough

  • Complete, customizable OER content to replace expensive textbooks in in-person, online and hybrid courses

  • OER Reading Anthology and Writing Style Guide also available

  • Interactive practice activities invite low-stakes exploration and learning

  • Customizable quizzes, self-checks, assignments, discussion forums, PPTs

  • LMS-integrated course materials with automatic gradebook sync

Course Module List: English Composition I

Success Skills


Types of Reading Material, Reading Strategies, Specialized Reading Strategies, Vocabulary, Thesis, Supporting Claims, Logic and Structure, Summary Skills


Topic Selection, Prewriting, Finding Evidence, Organizing, Drafting, Revising, Proofreading


Finding Sources, Source Analysis, Writing Ethically, MLA Documentation


Nouns and Pronouns, Verbs, Other Parts of Speech, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Voice

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