Waymaker Concepts in Statistics

Course Description

Using highly interactive learning design, this ready-to-adopt Concepts in Statistics course teaches the fundamental principles of statistical inference. Simulations and lab-style synthesis activities invite hands-on exploration. Students learn to summarize data graphically and numerically; examine relationships among quantitative data; understand the role of probability and probability distributions; link probability to statistical inference; and conduct foundational statistical calculations and analyses.

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  • Innovative learning design using Open Learning Initiative (OLI) source content

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Course Module List: Concepts in Statistics

  • Types of Statistical Studies and Producing Data
  • Summarizing Data Graphically and Numerically
  • Examining Relationships: Quantitative Data
  • Nonlinear Models
  • Relationships in Categorical Data with Intro to Probability
  • Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Linking Probability to Statistical Inference
  • Inference for One Proportion
  • Inference for Two Proportions
  • Inference for Means
  • Chi-Square Tests
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