“…[Lumen] has been fantastic, I had a Waymaker-related question this morning and by the time I got out of class an hour and a half later, I had a response.

Wendy Wright, Professor of Business, Cerritos College

Lumen’s Faculty Roundtable sessions bring faculty together who have already adopted Lumen-supported OER courses with those who are exploring this path. In a Roundtable on October 23th, 2017, we invited OER champion and business instructor Wendy Wright of Cerritos College to share her experiences and advice about using Lumen’s Waymaker platform for business courses. You may:

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Highlights and Key Takeaways

See the Q&A below for key takeaways from Wendy’s roundtable conversation:

Q. What problems were you wanting to address when switching to Lumen’s OER materials?

For Cerritos, the Business Department had already made the decision to shift to OER to improve affordability and ensure all students have access to the text. With that in mind, the biggest problem to address was the need to find OER materials that were updated regularly and stayed relevant. In the past, OER books were becoming outdated because they weren’t maintained really well by publishers. No one was making consistent updates to the text.

Q. Since switching to Lumen’s Waymaker courseware, how has the experience been going for you and your students?

Lumen course materials are much more robust than traditional e-textbooks, display a high-quality format, and are updated regularly.  The Waymaker courseware is seamlessly integrated into your local Learning Management System (LMS) and the personalized messaging tools allow instructors to automatically reach out to students throughout the course. Because of this, students who are being introduced to the courseware for the first time find it easy to navigate.

Q. How has your experience been when working with Lumen compared to other publishers?

It’s been fantastic. Lumen is great about responding quickly to any questions you may have about the course and they are a helpful resource. It can often be difficult to receive that level of response from other publishers.

Q. What advice would you give to faculty considering adopting Lumen-supported courses such as Waymaker for Business?

For faculty who are considering Lumen-supported OER courses such as Waymaker, understanding the tools and resources available in the courseware, such as the ability to customize content and the automated messaging tools, can enhance the student learning experience and promote a strong instructor/student relationship.