News: Lumen Learning Announces New Solution to Improve Teaching Effectiveness and Bolster Student Success in Higher Education

Lumen Circles professional development platform and services focus on timely capabilities such as online teaching; active learning; open pedagogy; evidence-based teaching; and diversity, equity, and inclusion

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 16, 2020) – Education innovator Lumen Learning announced plans to expand its work beyond open educational resources (OER) […]

News: Lumen Learning Acquires Faculty Guild’s Higher Education Assets

Lumen to launch Lumen Circles, a facilitated, peer-based professional development platform and services solution for higher education 

PORTLAND, Ore. (June 16, 2020) – Lumen Learning announced it has acquired the intellectual property and higher education assets of Faculty Guild, a coaching service created in 2017 by education […]

Becoming a Teaching AND Learning Company

David Wiley, PhD, Chief Academic Officer

Today is a major milestone for Lumen as we announce a professional development offering for higher education faculty called Lumen Circles. Let me share with you how we got here, what it means, and why we’re doing it now.

In Lumen’s Beginning, There Was OER 


Student Perspectives on Remote Learning

By Kiana Pincock, Marketing Intern

Remote learning has certainly been a tremendous change for both teachers and students. Teachers, I feel for you. Many teachers were given 1-2 weeks to move all of their classes online (which is no easy feat). Students have also been impacted by these changes. However, while challenging in some respects, the […]

Teaching Lumen Introductory Spanish Online: Tips & Suggestions

By John Urang, Course Product Manager, Humanities

Lumen’s Introductory Spanish I and Spanish II courseware was designed with flexibility in mind; it can be adapted for use online and in person, for large classes and small classes, synchronously and asynchronously, and with a variety of LMS tools and […]