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A collection of ‘plays’ you can use to expand effective use of OER

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Teams use playbooks to plan and execute moves to help them score and win.

This playbook equips you with great plays, strategies, and tools to help you achieve a significant impact on teaching and learning using open educational resources (OER).

Identify your challenge and find some great plays.

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Making the Case for OER

Build a network of supporters to advocate for the change you want to make.

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Measuring Impact with OER

Define what success looks like for your initiative and how you’ll measure progress.

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Building Awareness & Enthusiasm

Generate awareness, excitement, and momentum to recognize the impact you’re making.

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Supporting Faculty through Change

Identify and deliver resources to support faculty members’ success teaching OER courses.

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Sustaining Change & Impact

Put measures in place to make your initiative viable and successful going forward.

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Looking for guidance on how to get started with open educational resources or grow your OER initiative? We can help!

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