Lumen Learning’s mission is to enable unprecedented learning for all students.

We do this by providing tools and services to support effective teaching and learning practices. We are trying to build more effective learners and more impactful teachers – because both are essential to improve student success.

Lumen Courseware: Lumen’s affordable course materials are designed to strengthen learning using open educational resources (OER). They provide high quality, interactive learning content, online homework, and personalized feedback to help them study and learn more effectively, with plenty of opportunities to engage students in active learning. We apply learning science principles and analyze learning data to identify where students struggle and make targeted improvements that strengthen learning. See this FAQ to learn more about how we use OER.

Lumen Circles Professional Development Programs: Effective learning means supporting not only students, but also faculty to be their best. With Lumen Circles, we offer professional development experiences that use virtual communities of practice to connect faculty members with peers and help them hone their expertise as student-centered teachers. Grounded in evidence-based teaching practices and self-reflection, Lumen Circles work well for any faculty member, in any discipline, and at any stage of career – regardless of whether they use Lumen courseware.

Lumen has pioneered using OER course materials and evidence-based learning design to improve affordability, access, and student success.

We work with over 350 colleges and universities across the U.S. to provide sustainable, effective course materials that improve learning. See the Lumen Community page for a sampling of our customers.

Lumen Company Values

Our company values define how we work with customers and with each other to create the successful long-term relationships that support Lumen’s success, and our personal success as team members.


We genuinely care.  We have a deep commitment to our mission, to the people who share our mission, and to achieving the results our mission requires. We care about each other and are united in our common goals.


We solve difficult problems that others might avoid. We find ways to accomplish things that at first seemed impossible. We see the potential in everyone around us.


We help people be their best. We lend a hand to push or pull others forward. We humbly acknowledge that we don’t always get it right. We learn from failures. We express gratitude.


We share openly, knowing that others will build upon and expand the impact of our work. We contribute resources, expertise and goodwill to the commons. We seek to learn and commit to share what we know.